What happened to us? (Welcome Minefaire Folks)

We will be making a comeback next week. WERE NOT DEAD, We have had problems with real life and more etc. We are happy to announce we will be going to MineFaire this weekend. Our panel is at 2:30 PM est both days about the Minecraft Theme Park Community. It is an honor to be invited to this event. We couldn’t have done it with out all of our followers, staff and supporters. Another year great with the Biggest MINECRAFT NEWS WEBSITE! Thank you everyone for support over the year and a half. It amazing how were almost two years in to this community as a new website. We have had our ups and downs and were coming back up again to bring you quailty content, videos, photopasses and articles on servers. Get ready on monday we will be releasing a new server list and two new articles #Hype! Thanks and see ya real soon!

  • Jason G Pennypacker, CEO of MCTPNews.

(Yes thats my real name it was leaked durring an event on my youtube so what ever.)

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