Terms of Service

MCTPNews – Terms Of Service

Any time of day or month MCTPNews Editor-in-Cheif, LiveTheMagic may edit the MCTPNews TOS if they need to. To be acknowledged in our community you must follow these rules or you may get your servers  removed from our server list including posts also.

TOS Rules

  1. No rude behavior from server to server or discussing old ranks or bans for servers
  2. We will report any behaviour which does not follow our ‘TOS’ if we feel the need to
  3. At any moment in time we have the right to remove your server from our site! (Reasons will be confidential)
  4. One huge rule is that any form of communication has to be family friendly. (This includes Media, Discord or Ingame)
  5. Drama.. We will not tolerate this please do not mention a staff or us with no evidence or just to create drama.
  6. We do record & take photos of servers. We do put them on our site if you do not like this please contact us about it right away.
  7. We also have the right to remove rude or cruel comments or forms of messages that we find inappropriate. We do log IP Addresses, and they might be released to Mangers for confidential punishments.
  8. Applications or staff info are not allowed to be released if so you will be terminated 
  9. If not following our ‘TOS’,  we may remove you from our twitter, website and we might give information on this to other servers for security.


If you have not followed these rules this will have to happen!

Warning 1: You will be PM’d about this and it will be log’d.

Warning 2: You will be blocked from our media and told one last time

Warning 3: You will be reported and banned from all our sites and media.

(If you have done anything illegal being hacking, harassing our staff or guests and cyberbullying the IC3 can be a consequence)

Last Revised By MCTPNews on March 15th 2021