Staff Handbook




Staff Handbook





Welcome to the MCTPNews team! We are glad to have you on our team. To ensure our team is top-notch, we require our staff to follow these guidelines.




Staff Members have to follow guidelines to ensure professionalism and discipline is up to grasps.


  1. We do not endorse drama, and neither should you. You must avoid any form of drama on all platforms and servers as you are representing MCTPNews and we want to keep the professionalism high regardless of whether or not you’re on the server.
  2. If you cannot assist a guest for any reason, please ask another staff member or direct them to another staff member in the hopes of receiving an answer. Things like, “I’m busy, sorry!” or “I don’t know.” must be avoided at all terms. If that staff member is busy, please try your best to assist the selective.
  3. We like to have our server as safe for others as possible. Please keep your eye on the chat as much as possible as we want to keep our chat spam free.
  4. To ensure top security on MCTPNews, we have a strict rule that does not permit you to send pictures, information or files that only a staff member can access.
  5. A memorable key to a guest’s experience is the fun involved. Please try to interact with guests whenever possible.
  6. Any form of plagiarism will get you instantly terminated and banned.
  7. We encourage you to keep inappropriate language to a minimum.
  8. When giving a user a warning, mute or ban do not argue with that user in Discord, Skype or any other sort of communication with them.
  9. To ensure that no information is being leaked or any ideas are being stolen from MCTPNews, you must inform a higher staff member (Administrative staff, Owner, etc.) if you work for another server. You are allowed to, of course, but it’s important that we know.


To ensure our staff are active, staff must be active on our Discord at least 1 hour every week unless you notify us in advanced. If you do not follow this, your role will be terminated. (Does not apply to Administrative staff members)



We want to keep our community as safe as possible, so if you see any suspicious activity please report it to an Administrative member. (Jason or Will in particular)


Special Guest Requirements

This should be referred to when someone would like to get the Special Guest rank:

  • At least 600 subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • At least 800 subscribers on their Twitch channel.
  • At least 300 subscribers on their Beam channel.
  • Member of Mojang team.
  • Major significance in the Minecraft community.
  • Owner of a MCTP server we report on.

If you have any questions, please let an Administrative staff member know.


Made by DisWiz & LiveTheMagic

Signed, Jason, Will (Head Administrative Staff)