Welcome back! (again) and welcome Cubed 2021 attendees!

Hello Everyone, my name is Jason! I have owned MCTPNews for the past five plus years. We slowly grew until life got in the way. Recently we came back, published a few articles and went dormant again. Over the summer I had a job, college to get ready for, and lots of toxic family drama. This lead me as it would to anyone to prioritize other things than Minecraft.

Currently we have a booth in Cubed Con 2021! This awesome event strikes my return to the game as I am a Moderator and will be on daily. This is an awesome event that everyone should check out. The IP is play.cubedcon.com and can be accessed using the newest version of Minecraft. So with that being said, let’s go over what the future holds.

MCTPNews Booth at Cubed 2021

MCTPNews was started to showcase the Minecraft Theme Park Community when another website (MCTourist) went away. My goal was to showcase the truth, and make sure to showcase as much as I can. While my goal has never changed I have matured and the type of content and quality of content has changed. What you can expect from MCTPNews for now on is coverage of new server events, new lands and server showcases. I have two other writers coming onboard for the future and hopefully that will help to get an article out every week.

Space Mountain on MCParks

Again thank you to everyone for the support and I can not wait to see you all soon on our discord, event server (hint hint) and more! You can find links below to our social media’s and discord. Happy travels! Next article will be out this Sunday! You will not want to miss it!

Jason Pennypacker – LiveTheMagic

Owner of NewJerseyCoasters Media LLC – MCTPNews Parent Company

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