Discussing EuroMagic with Kai!

Hello Everyone! Today we are back to discuss another server, this time we are a month overdue, and I have had a lot of stress. I want to first start off with apologizing for having so many little times where I went away. I had mental health issues and got help. I was also very overwhelmed with school. So finally I can release another article for you all on a unique server with a focus on the United Kingdom and Europe!

EuroMagic is a server where you can find 1:1 Scale Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. These parks are both located in the United Kingdom and are both Merlin Theme Parks. Not a ton of people have recreated these park so seeing them brilliantly done is awesome! Today we sat down with Kai to discuss the server and learn more!

Colossus at Thorpe Park – Photo Provided By EuroMagic

Jason: What is EuroMagic?

Kai: EuroMagic is a project where we recreate European theme parks accurately and faithfully. We began as just a recreation of Alton Towers, but over lockdown we managed to spend a lot of time on the server, and grew in popularity quite a bit – so we were able to open our second park (Thorpe Park), and become EuroMagic.

Jason: What’s your role (Kai) at EuroMagic?

Kai: I am the Technical Director of EuroMagic, it is basically my job to make sure we keep up the high standard of rides & attractions that we are known for. I like to get stuck in with projects and will often do a lot of special effects work and 3D modeling. Some of the projects I have been heavily involved in are the recent “Alton Towers Fireworks” show, which I led and put together with help from the incredibly talented Tech team, Old Town I did a lot of the 3D models for, and I lead the production of our Halloween event “EuroTragic” which is my absolute favorite thing we do, I think last year’s event was a real insight as to what we can achieve with a bit of hard work.

The Smiler at Alton Towers – Photo Provided By EuroMagic

Jason: How does EuroMagic differ from other MCTP servers?

Kai: At EuroMagic, as much as we like to be accurate in the way the parks look, we also pay attention to how it feels, which is something a lot of theme park servers don’t often think about. We take certain creative liberties to convey feelings – which is why the Fireworks were half-custom. Some things just can’t be transferred into Minecraft very well so instead of trying to make it work and have it be lackluster we elevate it and make it into something spectacular instead, so it still feels like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park or whatever the project is.

We also tend to keep in the “Minecraft” feel of things, we don’t like to make things hyperrealistic as it often feels very out of place. A lot of our models are rough around the edges to reflect this, so it is very clearly staying within the Minecraft aesthetic but still pushes the boundaries of what Minecraft can do.

Jason: Is there anything coming out soon or anything in the pipeline?

Kai: So we’ve recently opened our newly refurbished X Sector, which is now one of the most detailed and advanced areas on the server – we’re very proud of the outcome. We’ve also opened the temporary offering for 2021, “The Retrosquad”, which is a bunch of flat rides Alton Towers brought in.

X-Sector’s Enterprise at Alton Towers – Photo Provided By EuroMagic

However, the exciting thing we’ve got coming out very soon is the long awaited Hex – The Legend of the Towers which is set to open on Saturday 24th July! We’ve had this project in the works ever since we opened and we’ve finally got it to a point that we are proud to say it is done and ready to welcome our players. It is a culmination of every aspect of what we have learned in the past few years and I believe it is one of the best and most unique attractions we have to offer!

Jason: What is your favorite ride on the server?

Kai: I would have to say SAW – The Ride. I may be biased as it’s my favourite in the real life park, but I definitely feel like SAW is one of the most detailed and accurate rides on the server, the tech team will tell you how much I went on and on about this ride having to be perfect and I think we delivered. Even down to the nuances of the ride system (this ride system caused so many tears it was so painful but it works perfectly now so it’s all good). SAW represents EuroMagic perfectly, and really showcases the pure talent of our Creative team (Builders, Techs & Product Excellence).

SAW The Ride at Thorpe Park – Photo Provided By EuroMagic

Jason: Is there any ride you hope is completed soon so guests can experience?

Kai: I’m really excited because we’re about to start work on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon, which is one of my favorites in real life. It’s going to present some really tough challenges for myself and the tech team and I’m really excited to see what we can make it!

Jason: What’s one park you hope you can work on one day?

Kai: There are a lot of parks that I would like to attempt but something I would most love to do at some point along the line (and I know this is very unlikely) would be a completely custom resort. Our team is so incredibly talented and I think the best way to show this off would be to let our creative juices flow unrestricted to what is possible in real life! Whether this is me just missing my Hyperion days or not I don’t know but I think it would be really cool.

Oblivion at Alton Towers – Photo Provided By EuroMagic

Jason: Is there anything else you want to say?

Kai: Thanks to MCTPNews for giving us the opportunity to show a little bit of info of who we are and what we’re up to, all I can say is uhhhh shameless plugs below!

Article written by Jason Pennypacker or LiveTheMagic.

EuroMagic Links

Twitter: twitter.com/euromagicmc

Discord : euromagic.eu/discord

Website: euromagic.eu

IP: play.euromagic.eu

Oh, yea did you know we are now looking for Videographers and Writers? You can join this awesome team! Apply today! https://mctpnews.org/application/

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