Discussing DisneyWishes, a new server coming soon with DisneyArchitect

There is multiple new servers coming out soon, including a few unique ones, and some familiar faces. Disneyland Servers are very well known, but every so often a new one comes around to give the others some friendly competition. Today we speak with Disney Wishes owner DisneyArchitect to discuss his server opening this fall.

Disneyland Castle – Photo Provided By DisneyWishes

Jason: What is DisneyWishes exactly? Can you explain how it started?

DisneyArchitect: DisneyWishes is a 1:1 Disney Park recreation server which will offer attractions, entertainment and more found within each resort with our own twists and approaches such as New architecture/map aesthetic, new ways to offer entertainment such as mini shows within the resort and more! Originally i worked at many theme parks servers including MCParks, applying at way to many servers finding which one was for me, but i decided if any of these server owners made their own server i might as well give it a shot for my own, therefore late November/December i made it “official” that ill be making a server DisneyWishes. Pretty cool that i was given a chance at this and can’t wait to showcase the server! Another main reason was us being in the 2020 pandemic, locked home and nothing to do was another reason to spend my time and have fun, perfect timing.

Big Thunder Mountain – Photo Provided By DisneyWishes

Jason: What can guests expect when they come on, and what has been the most challenging part? As well, is there anything you think is your favorite attraction?

DisneyArchitect: While still developing and branching out to new ways to offer entertainment to our guests to set us apart, make us special, clearly the map style of our Disneyland Park is detailed and amazing, personally this map being detailed makes me feel like im at the park in real life and hope that same feeling goes to guests this fall! We have a few other concepts still under development and cant announce it just yet, although i’m excited to say it will enhance the experience exclusively to DisneyWishes.

Now about what sets us apart, I think one of the most challenging aspects of creating the server is just the huge scale of recreation Disneyland, with the map having so many details and Minecraft limiting you to cubes its very challenging. Also each attraction having so much content and wanting to create each ride as carefully and taking time for each it’s extremely time consuming, but with all those factors its still very enjoyable to have the chance to be in the position to create a new server.

Personally my favorite attraction so far would have to be Big Thunder Mountain, I love terraforming and building landscapes and this ride being one of my favorites it was just so enjoyable to recreate. Matterhorn and Snow whites enchanted wish may come very close to my favorites once those are constructed!

Matterhorn Mountain – Photo Provided By DisneyWishes

Jason: What do you expect to be open once the server is open?

DisneyArchitect: Most lands if possible including Main Street, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Galaxys Edge and Tomorrowland. Attractions that will be ready are, Snow White, Peter Pan, Matterhorn, the Carousel, Dumbo, and the Canal Boats in Fantasyland. On top of that, Big Thunder Mountain, Rise of the Resistance, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter and Autopia. As well we hope to have a few shows, including a custom show, the opening show at the train station and Mickeys Mix Magic.

We plan on continuously expanding lands and attractions after we release, a few main attractions like Indiana jones, pirates, splash and more the weeks and months after release. Then eventually a gradual release of Downtown Disney, DCA, and more to come in the next year with new merch content releasing. We have a lot planned and can’t wait to show everything

Galaxys Edge with the Falcon – Photo Provided By DisneyWishes

DisneyWishes has a ton to do before they open but it is super exciting for another server. As a consumer, more servers the better, it makes everyone want to innovate, like friendly competition. Want to thank DisneyArchitect for sitting down with me for a small interview, and I can not wait to see the server when it opens.

Thanks for reading everyone! Let’s hope the length in-between articles for the next one is not as long!

Article written by Jason Pennypacker or LiveTheMagic.

DisneyWishes Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_DisneyWishes_

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/A7dQp9DBh6

IP: Coming Soon

Oh, yea did you know we are now looking for Videographers and Writers? You can join this awesome team! Join our discord for more information. https://discord.gg/nDCSNXa5fm

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