Magical Attractions MC soft opens their 1:1 Disneyland Creation

Today we have decided to check out the recently opened Disneyland by Magical Attractions MC. The park recently opened on March 13th and has six currently operating rides, including Space Mountain, King Authors Carousel and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. The server has a ton of the park complete from what we can see, but it seems as always ride systems do take awhile and we will not hold that against them. If you want to read our review of what our experience was like on the server please keep scrolling.

We arrived in the esplanade like most Disneyland servers. Across the way we see DCA, while not open we are definitely excited to see it open. From there we walked up to the beautiful Disneyland Train Station. In my opinion I have never seen any server not hit this mark. Magical Attractions did a great job showcasing the beauty of the area. From there we head into Main Street. While some shops are open, the area looks great. It really showcases the beauty from the parks in Minecraft very well.

We walk all the way to the castle, while it does not have any shows playing yet. It is the classic Disneyland Castle everyone loves, and it is my favorite castle in any of the parks due to it being the original. So that is always a plus. We walked into Fantasyland where there is currently two rides operating.

We first went on the King Authors Carousel. Unlike a few server which use 3D models as the horses, Magical Attractions uses the in-game horses to showcase the carousel horses. While it has less detail it feels more true to the game. The carousel moved very well and was a fun all yet filler ride that does look great in its area. A collage of photos of the ride will be below. From there I decided to go ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures is the first ride we road that used custom 3D models which looked great for the ride, and fit the recreation perfectly. From there we boarded the ride and got to see what it all had to offer. While I never was a fan fo this ride from what I have seen in real life. They did an outstanding job recreating it. The ride includes many doors that open like the real life attraction and a plethora of Animatronics. A collage of photos of the ride will be below. After that I decided to walk by Matterhorn over to Space Mountain!

Space Mountain looked very realistic and well detailed so I decided to go give it a ride. While it is just the normal Space Mountain the 3D models for the trains look very good. It was a very normal ride on it, but it seemed the layout was correct. I also enjoyed the different take with giving the ride a full black room with particle effects. Made me seem like I was flying through space. A collage of photos of the ride will be below.

Overall I think Magical Attractions, while having a small lineup of rides so far will only continue to grow in size with the coming months. You can find more information below including their twitter, discord and server ip! Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to continue providing you awesome content!

Magical Attractions Links


Discord :

IP: (1.16+, Java)

Article written by Jason Pennypacker or LiveTheMagic.

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