Welcome Back – Why we left, and why we are coming back!

Discussing the future of MCTPNews!

Main Street from MagicalDreams – LiveTheMagic

After a very long time, I have decided to relaunch MCTPNews. We have seen growing struggles in the Minecraft Theme Park Community. We would love to try and unite every server, help people grow again, and start to write more articles. We loved documenting everyones amazing creations!

Gakijiwan Valley from Kw6 Craft – Supapap

Although this time, we must do it differently. We have a Media Request Forum on our website. This will be used for requests on Articles and Appearances at your server and openings. It will help the stress on me, as I now do not have a team after such a long time of being inactive. With everything having to be redone, we decided to bring back our old look for the time being. I also will be doing much more interactions with people on Twitter. So make sure to tweet us and DM us for a retweet about your server. We are also planning the famous MCTPNews New Server List. It is being created at the moment in time but it takes a while.

Disneyland Castle from MCParks – LiveTheMagic

I also would like to mention that, every single old post is still here. For everyone wanting to read up on the past. The future’s looking bright everyone! I am very excited to come back and enjoy what I have missed with every Fan, Server and Reader. I know we missed a lot, but there is so much to cover to let’s move on for the future!

We are hoping to start articles very soon again, we are currently going through our options of a full team again and more. We are planning a brand new style of content, Opinionated and Non-Opinionated views of the attractions, servers and things in the community.

Thorpe Park from EuroMagic on Twitter

Our goal is to try and have 2-3 new articles every week, once we get back into the groove of things we will try and move onto more. We are still open to being invited over Twitter DM’s and mentions to come on to server openings. I myself can not wait to see what I have missed over these few years since 2018.

Thanks for the wonderful beginnings and onto the new MCTPNews!

Jason Pennypacker – LiveTheMagic

Owner of NewJerseyCoasters Media LLC – MCTPNews Parent Company

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