Horizon Parks Meeting Notes – April 9th

This Meeting: Horizon Parks Opening – Rides Opening – Beta Date – Etc. :

Rides opening on opening date will be JII (Journey Into Imagination), Listen To The Land & Horizons. For opening DL might be open but might not 90% chance it wont. Date of beta testing: Easter Sunday.

Also 3D Hats will be given to VIP, Partner, SG & Press this includes some amazing Epcot Center hats and a Mickey Hat (More Coming Soon. Another thing is that the new system for friends is now working and when you come one and dont get your RP downloaded, you will be taken to a room that will explain how to fix it.

Worlds Fair will be held back a tiny bit around 1-3  months due to Grand Opening etc.

Opening Date: April 29th!

Thats it for this meeting. 

Written by JasonSCARRED



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