Big Announcement

We strongly advise if your a server owner on our discord and when we give you the chance to be featured you respond. Don’t come to us after awhile and respond. But now lets get into it. Our new feature has been implemented on the site. Please bare with us as we redo our server list and server info lists. Now we also need to remind you that if your a server and want a spot on this list you must contact us on our twitter @MCThemeParkNews not later then April 7th at 10 PM Est! After that, we won’t be taking requests for you server to be featured. This doesn’t mean no articles on the site tho we won’t stop with that. Now you might think were coming off harsh. But we announce things on our discord a lot and server owners never respond. If your on our discord you should be checking announcements to be updated and who knows apply? You could have made this community better if you do. Now just remember we do need more people to apply and more people to respond quickly to a day or two to us asking you something. We don’t want to be rude but we have a deadline for things and we need to make that deadline. Now just keep this last thing in mine, Tons of supporters, Tons of great information we are MCTPNews and still stand on making your MC Theme Park experience a good one. Thanks and enjoy your day.

Written By: JasonSCARRED


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