Enchanting Parks Meeting Notes #1 – By: JasonSCARRED

Enchanting Parks Meeting Notes: One new park coming beside Disneyland. Donations come very soon (DVC & AP). AP

One new park coming beside Disneyland (DCA). Donations come very soon (DVC & AP). AP

Donations come very soon (DVC & AP). AP wouldn’t have to go through lines.

New staff policy: Coordinators and now a staff rank. New Tech: Jacobh12359.

What is done so far. Main Street, Castle almost, Frontierland starting, Hub Finished and downtown disney is starting.

Instead of spawning at the star you might spawn at Trams or your hotel to make if feel like your there IRL. Bradys the Cord on DCA 😀

New IP: play.enchantingparks.com

Server Opens July 17th 2017 (Time Not Announced)
Notes: DVC Won’t explore Disney early AP and above will



Brady Teaser:


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