SeaworldMC Grand Re-Opening 3/25/2017 – By: Zach_DisneyWiz13

Today I’ve gotten a very cool experience of a lifetime. I got to the backstage of the server. Here’s what I’ve learned from this experience.

I got trained dolphin in person with the trainers and developer on the Seaworld MC staff team. I patted the dolphin down it gives the dolphin comfort and to relax. I also learned that the dolphin I got to train favorite snack is Fish! dolphins love Fish that’s their main source of food in the Ocean, but they have other food available too.  I learned how to ride one to it’s a really fun you should try when you have the chance.

While on the SeaworldMC server I bumped into the CEO of MCTPNews JasonScarred & Manager Ryan_Andrew. They both enjoyed this experience to they watch me train this dolphin. I got to talk with Jason and he said,”It was Great!”.

So to end this article, The SeaWorld MC Re-Opening was Amazing & I hope to do it again someday.

By Zach_DisneyWiz13


Notes: The Opening had tons of encounters we hope they do it more one day! (Like a day for encounters)



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