Gamer’s Vault #2 – Palace aka MCMagic

Palace was once what we all knew as MCMagic. I had been there since December of 2014. I used to love to take screenshots EVERYWHERE I went! Here I would to give: 2014 Photos of MCMagic! -Senior Writer, Anthony

Notes: Make sure to share in our discord if you remember these icons on MCMagic!eJwNjVEOwiAQRO_S_wWhrbTeZqVbwFBollVjjHeXZDJvPl4y3-HJebgNUeRsN6231HzlTTWpjIFUqDVkwjM15euhUQR9PKhI03ael_GyGLd2rvNqrtquk52sm81onHWLs0ZLJKYGCEcq5Bl3gRdxS7VA3aHfFfrAu3LeAMsGSboYosCdekSIQSKWXgRMmPtIJajHGYbfHyfXP88.jpgeJwNxUEOgyAQAMC_cBeEioK_2SAFEmHJ7npq-vd2LvNRD93qVFVk8mnM1TghXZoFCUrWBbHcGWZjnbAbEIFUex7CxnkfXmuwR_wffbS7cXFzm9tXewQbvfPWGUZKmTLxUkGW3kZOBG_RcxT1_QFtBCkA.png

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