Adventure Ridge – Phase 3???!!!?!!?!

This is a rewritten version of what AdventureRidgeR told us and here it is! Written by MT5390


Adventure Ridge is now closed from January 26th – April 2nd. They are prepareing the park for new refurbishments including new lands, areas, rides and shows etc.
They will be adding 2 brand new lands to the park. With this  Lost Kingdom is getting completely redone and moved to another location within the park. The whole park has been refreshened with more detail and theming throughout. Each land existing will have at least 1 new ride put in, some lands will have 2 or 3 new rides. They also have redone All the shows with new effects, scenes and music. There will also be another show introduced to the park in there theatre (this will be after they reopen). They also will have an exciting new ride experience coming soon added to far west they also stated no other ride in the park has this system. 
Also rhis year Adventure Ridge will be holding a new summer event and over the summer they will begin preparing for Terror Nights and BLAST! Starting the 2nd April over the course of 8 weeks they will be opening a new project each weekend, whether that be new shows, new rides, or new lands. 
They also are geting a new website. Economy system will also be coming back to the park this year.


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