PixelParadise – Interview With BehindTheMagic!

Hello Everyone

Jason Here
Today We Have The Pleasure Of Interviewing The Owner Of PixelParadise

Jason : Hello BTM How Are You?

BTM : Great thanks, and you?

Jason : Great

Jason : Now Lets Get Started!

Jason : First Question

Jason : What Made You Want To Create PP?

BTM : I created PixelParadise, because i wanted to create a family friendly place for all to enjoy, while also including quality shows, builds and rides.

Jason : Awesome!

Jason : Now What Does PP Have To Offer?

BTM : We offer a variety of attractions, mainly disney based rides, we have immersive night time spectacular’s, and much more!

Jason : And What Parks Are There?

BTM : We currently have our Custom Park, aswell we are creating a 1:1 scaled re-creation of Shanghai Disneyland.

Jason : Amazing! 🙂

Jason : And Were Can Guests Find More About PP?

BTM : You can always check out our twitter account, found at: http://twitter.com/PixelParadiseUS

BTM : See you this Saturday! 😉

Jason : Opening September? What?

BTM : Yes! Our custom park opens September 3rd to all, At 4pm EST!

Jason : Great See You Then!

BTM : See you soon! 🙂

IP: PixelParadise.us





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