TotalNetworkMC – Interview With Chased_

Jason: So Today We Have An Interview With An Owner On @TotalNetwork MC
Jason): First Question
Jason: What Is TotalNetwork?
Chased_: Total. is a family-friendly Minecraft Server Network for everyone. We provide WorldwideAttractions (A theme park server) TotalMC (Factions, Survival, & Arcade) and TotalParks (Creative/Build your own theme park).

Chased_: We’ve been around since April 2015, and we’ve served over 100 players.

Jason (Adventure Parks): Next Question

Jason (Adventure Parks): What Does Total Have To Offer?

Chased_: Total. offers a variety of activities in a family-oriented atmosphere, as previously stated, we have Factions, Survival, Arcade, Creative, and a Theme Park Server. We’re your one stop for all those things.

Jason: Last Question

Jason: Were Can People Learn More About Total?

Chased_: You can visit our website at, there we currently have our applications, donation page, methods of contacting us, and more. You can also learn more about us by following us on our Twitter pages: @TotalNetworkMC, @WWAttractionsMC, @TotalParksMC, @TotalMCHub
Jason : Thanks Sir And Have A Magical Day!

Chased_: You’re absolutely welcome.

More Info Coming Soon!2016-08-24_20.33.21.png2016-08-24_20.34.38.png

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